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fizzbuzz's Journal

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28 October
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My username showcases two defining traits of mine: it is a reference to my love of fizzy and energy drinks as well as my generally energetic and restless nature. It is also a reference to my previous job as a primary school teacher as it the name of a maths game we often played.

about me
I'm a married lesbian and my wife Megan luna_shovegood means the world to me. A coke drinker, Harry Potter fanatic, amateur photographer and British Sign Language student. My 7 year old nephew is adorable and autistic. I love watching movies, especially at the cinema. I also enjoy reading including picture books and dystopian fiction. We have recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and live on the beach.

I enjoy The Oscars, Harry Potter, Hyperbole and a Half, The Oatmeal, PostSecret and Disney Pixar films in varying degrees of obsessiveness. I'm not much of a writer or artist, but enjoy participating in landcomms.

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